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Only with words...
me now
sweet_ramona wrote in peppermint_mind
I had a dream I was siting on a grassy hill, typewriter at my feet. The clouds were covering the sun and my hair was covering my eyes. It had been ages since I had been so completly alone. Alone and content. I sat down and started typing, making music with the clickity clack. It had been dreams ago that I had felt that feeling of content. Clickity, clack.

There was a kite in the sky, although I wasn't sure who held its string. It must have been me. It had that familiar sway to it. That gentle way of floating above me like so many disasters in my life do before they come down on me. Then I was tangled in the string and the pink ribbon of its tail. But I could still hear the clickity, clack of the typewriter.

Music followed me through the tangled web of string. Music led me to an ocean shore, I had never seen the ocean before. It looked alive, heart beating, alive. I had never expected the ocean to be so gray. Gray and chaotic. So there I was typing. No longer on the hill, but now on this chaotic ocean shore. Now I could feel the cold breeze against my skin. Through my hair. It was calling me, like your whispers always have, but all I had for you was my clickity, clack. I knew that was enough for you. You had always told me to type, it flowed better than handwriting you always said. It had a rhythm like music. It had a heartbeat like the ocean. It was easily tangled like a kite string, but my words some how flowed.

Maybe only you can read this code. Maybe this is why everything comes out in fragments and chaos. There is no one left to read the code. This blind rhythm without rhyme. This clickity clack that I love so much. Words are more than words when read by the right person. Words can come to life and swallow you whole. Make you feel what you didn't know was there. Make you see what you didn't know you could see.

Only with words have I ever seen the ocean.


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