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A change could do you good. (day 2)
mermaid tea
sweet_ramona wrote in peppermint_mind
She ran down the stairs, growing dizzy with each step. In dreams she had often been chasing him, but this was no dream. She screamed out his name almost as loud as she had in bed the night before. Only this time he wasn't whispering hers back. She stopped at the front door long enough to slip her boots on, then she was out the door. Rain falling upon her head as pink tulle flew through the night. Her black boots pounding the puddles that led to him. Tree limbs grabbing at her, tearing her dress, pulling her hair. This was nothing like a dream, it was painful and lacked the romantic feeling all the movies and books had promised. Soon she found him in the only place he could be, a tree. His legs dangled above her head as the moon glowed above his head.

"You ripped your dress." he said as he looked down at her.
Looking down she noticed the torn tulle, "Yes."

She climbed up the tree, which sounds like a simple thing, but it was indeed not. She feared heights and had often refused to climb this very tree. As she sat on the branch beside him, she knew he understood the weight behind the action.

"Your wet." he smiled.
"Its raining." she replied as she leaned her head on his shoulder.
"How'd you know I'd be here?"
"You always runaway to the places I fear to go." she whispered with tears.

As they sat in the tree, the rain heavy upon their shoulders, they knew life had changed. Nothing would ever be the same again. And for once, this was okay.


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