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Humming dreams (day 1)
me now
sweet_ramona wrote in peppermint_mind
The rain fell heavy on the windowsill that night. We pulled the covers over our heads as if we were children hiding from monsters. I suppose we were hiding from monsters. Only these monsters were living in our heads, not easy to escape. With each crash of lightening we would move closer together. This was the first time I remember feeling secure with you. We spoke of dreams and fears. Our voices never raising louder than a whisper. The soothing sound of your whisper calmed my jangled nerves. The faint sound of music drifted in from the street. Bowie sang of a doomed earth, repeating to us of the 5 years that were left. We took caution as if it were the first time we had heard these lyrics. As if this were the first time we sang them. The song often made me cry, but here in this moment it made me smile. I would save my tears for the truly sad times. The horribly mad times. You reached for my face, soft fingers brushing away my hair. Had I been here before? Would I ever return here again? Your lips tasted of mint and honey. I wanted nothing more than to freeze time. Lips upon lips. Skin touching skin. Music drifting above the rain. I fell asleep to the sound of you humming.


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