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True to thyself...
me now
sweet_ramona wrote in peppermint_mind
I am highly certain that the most brilliant thoughts and emotions are never recorded. When you are lying in bed or sitting alone, that's when these moments happen. All the writers and artists that have created beautiful things, they have all had these unrecorded moments. These are personal times that can never be repeated. The things inspiration is based on.

When one sits back and opens their mind to the world it creates something inside. It builds a world in side of them. A place that only they can understand. By having such a place inside of you, you can produce wonderful things. Just open your mind and really take it all in, have those personal moments. Keep those thoughts and emotions inside of you and let them feed off of the outside world. They will blossom into books, music, film, paintings...they will shape who you are...who you were means nothing. Who you were is a ghost of another life. Who you are in the present is all that matters.

Things happen. Great things. We just need to open our eyes and witness them. We stop to see the car wreck, why don't we do the same for the laughing children playing in the yard? We focus on all of this negative. We build all of this hatred. Why can't we learn from mistakes. Not only our own, but everyone else's. Look at the world we live in, it is scary. A scary hell of an earth, but it has been a scary hell of an earth before. We are not different than our ancestors. Sure we have technology, but we are still human. Nothing changes that. Human nature.

Talk to people, enjoy people. They have stories you have never bothered to hear. Stories that only they can tell. Don't you ever get tired of hearing your own convictions? Give someone else a chance to show you theirs. Give yourself a chance to share with others. Be silent only when you are listening. Listen to the world around you. Not just conversations. Listen to the things happening. Life. It is out there and you are ignoring it. Living is a gift, treat it that way. It isn't a curse or a handicap. If you never listen, you never learn. Learn from yourself and others. Never stop learning. It is important to always be taught.


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